Posted on: November 16, 2008 11:03 pm

Where Has All the Tradition Gone?

The first subject I want to hit on is what is going on within college football. I am a huge fan of college football because it is young men playing the game the right way, for the right reasons. They play for their future, which usually will not be in sports, and play for free... except for SMU, Reggie Bush (allegedly) and Florida States free shoe program. However there is a disturbing trend setting in the other side of the players, and that is the coaches. Where have the days of Paul "Bear" Bryant, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden?

Why is it that every coach is so willing to bail on the kids that they promised to take care of? I understand that the money aspect of coaching has increased incredibly, and the win now mentality has taken over at every school, but I does each coach only get 4-5 years to turn the dregs of college football into the next dynasty?

Moving right along to the main subject of this rant, Notre Dame and the circus that is there football team. Once again the pissed off Irish are looking to lop off the head of another football coach, and while some may say he deserves it, check out Teddy Greenstein's article in the Chicago Tribune, is it really the answer to again change coaches and start over with a new philosophy? Let's look at this another way, if Charlie Weis is fired this immortal college football program will have had eight, EIGHT!! head football coaches since Joe Pa took over at Penn State in 1966. I know, I know, you Notre Dame fans will say that these coaches did not produce the national titles that you were expecting. Well chew on this, you have double the number of national titles of Penn State since Paterno took over, and your 1988 title is more recent than any title Coach Paterno has. Yes that is right, Joe Paterno has only won two national titles in his 41 years of coaching, but he is still there, and still producing.

It is unfortunate that this has become more and more of a business, and less and less about school pride, and preparing kids for their future. Whether it be a coach jumping to a new school in order to cash in, looking right at you Rich Rodriguez, or a school hesitating to extend their current coach because they want to see what he will do that year, good luck resigning Mike Leach after this year, there is little loyalty on either side. No, all that anyone cares about is money, and they are willing to make it at any cost. I mean, is Mike Sherman even going to make it to year two at Texas A&M? Will Dennis Erickson make it through the 2009 season if he can't coach up the kids on his team again?

What it really boils down to is the fact that schools have lost track of the idea of tradition. Some schools are trying to get that tradition back and may have taken a little misstep on their way to the next great coach, the Florida Gators, and some schools are still searching for the coach to give them that oppurtunity. What those schools need to remember is that the players will carry the tradition of the school for only four years, but the coach will carry that tradition every year he is there.

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