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Sometimes Owners Need to Shut Their Mouths

Ken Kendrick has gone too far this time.  I have been a Diamondbacks fan since they came into existence, and I have about had it with this team.  I had no real problem with the AJ Hinch hiring.  I mean it is great that we are hiring a guy with no major league coaching experience, "What he has never coached anywhere before?" and is the director of player development, something the Diamondbacks obviously have great success with, man Chris Young and Chris Snyder and Conor Jackson looked good again tonight. 

Then Kendrick decided to open his mouth.  Great, defend your choice as manager before he even coaches a game.  You guys obviously know more than any other team in the league and your terrific string of championship baseball backs up not only your decision, but your brazen and defiant defense of the hire.  I mean why should anyone question you all mighty Ken Kendrick, some of your awesome leadership decisions along with the greatest GM ever in Josh Byrnes has led to decisions like:

Letting Luis Gonzalez go and replacing him with...

Carlos Quentin who we traded for... oh yeah, a piece of the Dan Haren trade, because I am sure we had no other first baseman in low minor leagues.

Trading Micah Owings for Adam Dunn, and then letting Adam Dunn walk b/c $10 million a year was too much to pay someone who has actually produced consistently in the majors for years.

Trading Emilio Bonafacio for Jon Rauch.

Not resigning Orlando Hudson for the guy that never stops hustling in Felipe Lopez.

And now this.  Again I honestly would not have had a problem with them giving Hinch an interim tag and seeing how the year played out, but I would have much rather had Gibson, Grace, Butler or Hale, in that order.  But they signed Hinch through 2012, and they have been so arrogant about the signing, and talked down to everyone that has questioned them and it has just rubbed me the wrong way and turned me off this team so much.  I am not done, because I love baseball and I love this team, but this organization has really gone out of their way to turn the fans off this team.

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