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Posted on: April 22, 2009 3:12 pm

Final Mock Draft

Well, it has been awhile, but with baseball season starting, and waiting to see what trades were made, I have been holding off as long as possible to make this last mock draft. There will be less analysis, but I will still show you what I would do first, then what they will do second. Enjoy…


Detroit Lions:

Who would I take… Jason Smith, OT Baylor. I know they need a lot of things, and I also would like Aaron Curry here, but I think a starting left tackle for the next 7-10 years would be too great to pass up.


Who will they take… Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia. Out of all the options for the first pick, I like this one the least, but everything I have heard and read is that they are trying to get a deal done with Stafford so there is no surprise first pick.


St. Louis Rams:

Who would I take… Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia. Fits a great need, and will start immediately for the Rams, and probably for years to come.


Who will they take… Jason Smith. They get their OT they need, and I think they get the better one.


Kansas City Chiefs:

Who would I take… Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech. The idea that they could have a dominating offense early on would be too much for me to pass up. That is why I am not the GM though.


Who will they take… Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forest. Well, they either get the best offensive prospect in the draft or best defensive prospect in the draft, and Curry will be the pick.


Seattle Seahawks:

Who would I take… Aaron Curry. They need defense, and he is the best defensive player. Immediately helps this team.


Who will they take… Mark Sanchez, QB USC. I hope they do this as a Cardinals fan. They have a lot of needs, and too take a prospect that most likely won't play a snap for two years would be helpful to other teams in their division.


Cleveland Browns:

Who would I take…BJ Raji, DT Boston College. They need help on defense, and I think they would be fortunate to get a possibly dominate nose tackle here.


Who will they take… Michael Crabtree. They follow my philosophy of creating one side that is dominate, because this offense has that potential. This is also good, because if they end up trading Braylon Edwards, they have his replacement ready.


Cincinnati Bengals:

Who would I take…Andre Smith, OT Alabama. Probably the most intriguing of the 4 big OT prospects, but he also has the most red flags.


Who will they take… Eugene Monroe. If Monroe is here, there will be dancing in the offices of the Bengals.


Oakland Raiders:

Who would I take… Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri. They need a WR, and Maclin is the best one on the board. Don't be surprised if they take Brian Orakpo here either.


Who will they take… Jeremy Maclin.


Jacksonville Jaguars:

Who would I take… Matt Stafford. They need a QB of the future, and don't have quite as many needs, that it would hurt them to draft long term.


Who will they take… Andre Smith. If Smith or Monroe happen to fall this far, they would most likely pull the trigger.


Green Bay Packers:

Who would I take… Brian Orakpo, DE Texas. They need help along the defensive side of the ball, and Orakpo would be a nice 3-4 hybrid, as they make the switch. Don't be surprised to see Tyson Jackson up here either, because he is the best 3-4 DE in the draft.


Who will they take… BJ Raji. They are switching to a 3-4, and a dominate nose tackle would be a great fit.


San Francisco 49ers

Who would I take… Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss. They need help along the o-line, and Oher is the best one left.


Who will they take… Brian Orakpo. They missed on Manny Lawson, but will take another chance on a good hybrid defensive prospect.


Buffalo Bills

Who would I take… Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State. Has really risen up the draft charts, and looks to be in the Jason Taylor mold of defensive end.

Who will they take… Aaron Maybin.


Denver Broncos

Who would I take… Tyson Jackson, DE LSU. Don't be surprised if Jackson is off the board earlier, with many teams switching to a 3-4, he is the best DE for that scheme.

Who will they take… Tyson Jackson.


Washington Redskins

Who would I take… Mark Sanchez. They are preparing for their next QB, to take over for Jason Campbell. There is talk that they are trying to trade up in order to get Sanchez that is how much they like him.

Who will they take… Michael Oher. They need a right tackle, and now. They get their guy if things fall this way.


New Orleans Saints

Who would I take… Malcolm Jenkins, DB The Ohio State. Well, some people like Chris Wells here. I just don't see a team with 2 running backs already, taking a third. Plus, Jenkins has the ability to fill the need of either a corner or safety, depending on what they do later in the draft.


Who will they take… Chris Wells, RB Ohio State. I think it will be safe to say, they will take a Buckeye. The offense that was great in the first place, gets even better with an inside running threat.


Houston Texans

Who would I take… Brian Cushing, OLB USC. They need linebacker help, and Cushing is one of the best available.


Who will they take… Clay Matthews, OLB USC. They have ties to the Matthews family, and they like his work ethic and football smarts.


San Diego Chargers

Who would I take… Rey Maualuga, LB USC. They need a heart and soul type in the middle. This will be their guy.

Who will they take… Rey Maualuga.


New York Jets

Who would I take… Chris Wells. They need a bigger back to help carry the load for Thomas Jones.


Who will they take… Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State. They will take a chance on the big, athletic QB.


Denver Broncos

Who would I take… Josh Freeman. They might be comfortable with Kyle Orton, but Josh McDaniels will want his own QB to groom if Orton flops.


Who will they take… Brian Cushing. They will go lots of defense, because that is what they need.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who would I take… Darrius Heyward-Bay, WR Maryland. They need help in the receiving core, and with the guy they want, Josh Freeman, off the board, I would take the best WR prospect left.


Who will they take… Everette Brown, DE Florida State. Gaines Adams has not produced the way they had hoped, and getting a pass rusher like Brown this low would be a great coup.


Detroit Lions

Who would I take… Robert Ayers, DE Tennessee. They need help on defense, all over their defense, and Ayers will be a player for years to come.


Who will they take… Evander Hood, DT Missouri. I think they go the DT here, and wait to see if a guy like Michael Johnson falls to them in the second round.


Philadelphia Eagles

Who would I take… Everette Brown. Add another pass rusher to an already great defense and that is just scary.


Who will they take… Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia. It will be very interesting to pair Moreno with Westbrook.


Minnesota Vikings

Who would I take… Eben Britton, OT University of Arizona. Would have been in the top 10 most likely next year. They get a Jon Runyan type lineman, who will give you everything he has every Sunday.


Who will they take… Eben Britton.


New England Patriots

Who would I take… Clay Matthews. Has the look and demeanor of a Patriot coming out of college.


Who will they take… Vontae Davis, CB Illinois. This is the Patriots, they draft by best available player, and this is the best player available.


Atlanta Falcons

Who would I take… Evander Hood. Defense is what this team needs, and Hood would fill a huge need.


Who will they take… Larry English, DE Northern Illinois. They need someone to take some pressure off of John Abraham, and English can do that.


Miami Dolphins

Who would I take… Larry English. They would be getting a great prospect here, with some ability to rush the passer.


Who will they take… Darrius Heyward-Bay. They need a wide receiver for Chad Pennington and Chad Henne to throw too.


Baltimore Ravens

Who would I take… Percy Harvin, WR Florida. The idea of putting a dynamo like Harvin with Joe Flacco is awesome, and something that I hope happens.


Who will they take…Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers. I think with Harvin being a little smallish and having concerns over his durability, they will draft Britt, who has less big play ability, but will probably be a better every down WR.


Indianapolis Colts

Who would I take… Peria Jerry, DL Ole Miss. They need defensive help, I feel like we always say that, and Jerry is there type of DT.


Who will they take… Peria Jerry.


Buffalo Bills

Who would I take… Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State. I had him going to them at 11 in my early mock, and with him falling, they would be ecstatic to get him here.


Who will they take… William Beatty, OT UConn. They traded Jason Peters and need to replace him. Beatty is the only viable option left on the board.


New York Giants

Who would I take… Hakeem Nicks, WR North Carolina. They need a WR, and they get him here.


Who will they take…Hakeem Nicks.


Tennessee Titans

Who would I take… James Laurinaitis, LB Ohio State. They would love to get a great MLB prospect to pair with Keith Bullock finally.


Who will they take… Darius Butler, DB UConn. They may need offensive help, but Jeff Fisher believes in defense first and Butler would compete right away.


Arizona Cardinals

Who would I take… Knowshon Moreno. If he is here, they would be ecstatic.

Who will they take… Robert Ayers. Ayers is what this defense needs, and I think the Cardinals would try to get a running back in the latter rounds.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Who would I take… Max Unger, C Oregon. They need depth and competition on the O-Line and Unger will provide that, and most likely win a spot.


Who will they take... Max Unger.


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Mock Draft V1.0 Part 3

So, in my final addition of V1.0 of my mock draft, I will analyze the final 12 picks, and again, these picks are first my opinion on who I would take and then who I think the team will select. Love it or hate it, let me know.

21.     Philadelphia Eagles- Needs DB,RB,WR/TE

Who would I take… Alphonso Smith, CB Wake Forest. I know you have plenty of corners, but I think Smith is a good enough athlete to pull off a switch to free safety. He has good speed and quickness, with an exceptionally quick burst to the ball. He also knows what to do with the ball in his hands, and could also make a good impact as a return man. With the loss of 2 safeties, I think it is imperative to get a new, young DB in the fold, to make some plays.

Who will they take… Brandon Pettigrew. They need some weapons for Mcnabb and Pettigrew would be it.

22.    Minnesota Vikings-Needs OL,DL,DB

Who would I take… Eben Britton. This would be a great pick up for the Vikings and a chance to improve their O-line right away. Britton would move right in at Right Tackle.

Who will they take… Alphonso Smith. Smith would fit nicely next to Antoine Winfield, and would give the Vikings some good depth at the position also.

23.    New England Patriots-Needs DB,OL,LB

Who would I take… James Laurinitas, LB Ohio State University. This is a New England Patriot if I have ever seen one. He is a heady, smart, field general. He is a younger Tedy Bruschi and has a motor that won't quit. He can be over aggressive in his reads, and not physical enough at the point of attack. He will get better, especially playing under a great coach like Belichick and would fit a need the Patriots have, without being thrust into a starting role with no talent around him. Would have been a top 10 pick if he had come out last year, and that has given teams more time to nitpick.

Who will they take… Clint Sintim. Fixes a great need, and would make an immediate impact at the point of attack on the defensive side of the ball for the Patriots.

24.    Atlanta Falcons-Needs Defense

Who would I take… Peria Jerry, DT Ole Miss. The Falcons had a chance to take Glenn Dorsey last year, and while Dorsey had a good season, Matt Ryan led them to an unexpected playoff berth. This year, they get a chance to add to their playoff team in taking Jerry. He has great quickness off the ball and never quits. He does lack a little size and doesn't seem to have the ability to get a whole lot bigger. He will get stronger as he gets into the league and will eventually be able to hold up at the point of attack when his quickness lets him down.

Who will they take… Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech. Hometown boy, who has gained some momentum with his workouts and will fit into the defense nicely. Freakish size and speed, but is a little light and not overly powerful. Will get bullied sometimes, but with his massive frame will be able to add strength, and learn from one of the better DE's in the game in John Abraham.

25.    Miami Dolphins-Needs WR,LB,DB

Who would I take… Percy Harvin, WR Florida. Another hometown selection, and a playmaker. Has blazing speed and great hands and vision to go with it. Small and will sometimes get pushed around by physical DB's. Will make a name for himself as a player in the NFL. Will not necessarily fit in with Chad Pennington at QB, because Pennington will not be able to get the ball vertical enough to use him as a deep threat. Doesn't matter, the Dolphins need a playmaker at WR and this will be a great addition to this team.

Who will they take… Percy Harvin. To me this just makes too much sense, and because this kid is a hard worker, he will fit in under the Bill Parcells regime.

26.    Baltimore Ravens-Needs WR,LB,DL

Who would I take…Larry English, DE Northern Illinois. This is an Ozzie Newsome type player. He is probably the best available right now and fits a need at LB or DE. He does not have elite speed and needs to add some strength to his great repertoire of pass rushing moves, but he will be playing with great players all around him and that will help. The need for an outside rusher for the Ravens is a big one, because they need someone to line up at both OLB positions and DE positions.

Who will they take…Hakeem Nicks, WR North Carolina. Nicks fills a need at WR and he also is a great prospect. He has good size and with that size, possesses good speed. Needs to refine route running and become a little more physical at his breaks in order to make up for the lack of speed. This would be a great weapon to pair with young QB Joe Flacco and would make a one dimensional Ravens offense, that much more dangerous.

27.    Indianapolis Colts-Needs WR,DL,DB

Who would I take… Hakeem Nicks. With the release of Marvin Harrison, the need for another WR has become great. While defense always seems to be a need for the Colts, I think they will go after a WR to replace Harrison.

Who will they take… Peria Jerry. The need for a DL is too great to pass up a very good prospect. He will start immediately and make an impact for the Colts.

28.    Philadelphia Eagles-

Who would I take… Knoshon Moreno. Luckily for the Eagles he would fall into their lap. He would be a nice pairing with Brian Westbrook

Who will they take… Chris Wells. He is a better prospect than Moreno, and has more potential to be a star in the league, but durability concerns and a slow times so far have him falling a little. Either way, with the second pick in the first round, I think the Eagles will use it more as a luxury and take another weapon for Mcnabb.

29.    New York Giants- Needs WR/TE,DB,DL

Who would I take…DJ Moore, CB Vanderbilt. With a need at safety and corner, Moore would fit a need at either position. He is a little undersized, but has great athletic ability. He plays bigger than his frame and has great vision and anticipation. Lacks the size to cover big WR's, but would also be able to shift over to safety when and if needed. The Giants need help in the secondary, and with only depth needed at the rest of the defensive positions, the only question is, do they risk taking a WR.

Who will they take… Larry English. As I said, they need some depth and the ability to get back to the all out style they used to win the SB.

30.    Tennessee Titans-Needs DL,LB,WR

Who would I take…Darry Beckwith, MLB LSU. Beckwith is a leader in the middle and would fit nicely into one of the best defenses in the NFL. He is a smart and athletic LB and with great aggressiveness. Does lack a little size and strength, and can be bullied around at times. He also has some issues with injury and may slip because of these concerns, but he has the ability to be a big time contributor to a top defensive unit.

Who will they take… DJ Moore. The local boy stays home and makes and impact with a defense that needs to get a little younger and more athletic and this guy has it in spades.

31.    Arizona Cardinals-Needs DE,RB,OL

Who would I take… LeSean McCoy, RB Pittsburgh. The Cardinals need a running back and that is a fact. McCoy is probably the third best back in the draft, and has some good tools to work with. He has a great burst for his size and good field vision. Needs to get a little stronger and learn to avoid taking big hits on his runs. Will be a good back in the league, but there are questions as to whether he can be a feature back.

Who will they take…LeSean McCoy. The need is to great to pass it up and I don't see it happening.

32.    Pittsburgh Steelers-Needs DB,DL,WR

Who would I take… I am a bitter Cardinals fan, I don't care who they take. No, I am just kidding, the defending Super Bowl Champs select…Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State. Maybin would fit into this defense perfectly, and be a key piece in a great defense. Good size and strength. Lacks elite speed, but plays with a great motor and will always work hard. With all the Steelers DL's in their 30's, this pick would just make too much sense to pass up.

Who will they take…Darius Butler, CB Connecticut. Great athlete, with the ability to lock down opposing WR's, and make plays on the ball. Is a little undersized, but makes up for it with his great physical ability. With the loss of Bryant McFadden, I believe that a corner is a need and Butler is not a reach.



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Mock Draft V1.0 Part 2

So here is part 2 of the 3 part mock draft I am going through. I hope you enjoyed or hated part 1 as long as there is some feedback.

    11.    Buffalo Bills-Needs OL,DL,TE

    Who would I take…Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State. This is a need position, and with the signing of TO, it makes this offense even better, with a safety valve like Pettigrew for Trent Edwards to have to check down too. He is a massive target at almost 6-6 and 280+ lbs. He is not a burner, but has a great field presence with an ability to catch anything around him, but will not break away after the catch. The biggest upside about Pettigrew is that he is a phenomenal blocker, especially for the run. He will complete this offense completely.

    Who will they take… Everette Brown. The Bills need a new DE, and it is a big pick up for them if Brown is available.

    12.    Denver Broncos-Needs Defense, Defense, Defense

    Who would I take… Brian Cushing, LB USC. Cushing is a workout freak, with the ability to match those workouts on the field. He has great speed, strength, and field vision. He can get a little reckless and over pursue and doesn't always diagnose plays quickly but his natural athletic ability will allow him to make up any problems he gets into on the field. With the Broncos switching to the 3-4 I think Cushing will be a great addition to the defense, especially at the LB spot which is very weak spot on the defense.

    Who will they take… BJ Raji, DT Boston College. If you were to build an ideal nose tackle for the 3-4 defenses, Raji would be your man. Short and powerfully built, he is a bull in the middle. With a great initial burst that allows him to shoot the gap when called too, and amazing strength to go along with his low center of gravity, he is what you want in a nose tackle. Tends to get lazy, and that is the only reason he is not a top 5 prospect. He will anchor the new 3-4 defense the Broncos will run, and improve them greatly. Man, I think I might have talked myself into picking him.

    13.    Washington Redskins-Needs OL,LB,DB

    Who would I take… Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss. Oher is the last of the 4 great tackle prospects in the draft, and probably will go higher than this. He has great size and the prototypical build of a left tackle. Good to great quickness, with the ability to gain weight to become stronger. Lacks great technique, and will require a bit of work. This is why he will be great as a pickup for the Redskins, with the ability not only to learn behind Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels. He will also push both of them which can only help.

    Who will they take… Brian Cushing. More of a need than OT and will be an upgrade over anybody they have on their roster.

    14.    New Orleans Saints-Needs Defense, Defense, and oh Defense

    Who would I take… Clay Matthews, LB USC. They need linebackers, and this will be either of the USC OLB's or Clint Sintim. Matthews is a better linebacker than Cushing, but is not quite the athletic freak. He is more of a heady player that is always in position and will not hurt you. He has great ability but can be a little robotic sometimes and will be stiff and not make the spectacular play.

    Who will they take… Clay Matthews, with both Curry and Cushing off the board, I don't see them passing up a starter at the OLB spot for a riskier pick in a DB or Safety.

    15.    Houston Texans- Needs DB,DL,LB

    Who would I take… BJ Raji. With Raji still on the board, the Texans would jump at the chance to put a DL rotation out there of Raji and Travis Johnson.

    Who will they take…Vontae Davis, CB Illinois. Davis is probably the best pure athlete in the draft, and without a safety that is definite first round material, the Texans will take a chance on Davis. He has great speed, and is able to catch up to any WR out there, even if he is out of position, which is quite often. He lacks great technique, but with his athletic ability, he will be able to make that up easily, and should be able to learn the techniques needed.

    16.    San Diego Chargers- Needs OL,DL,LB

    Who would I take… Tyson Jackson, DE LSU. With the loss of Igor Olshansky, he will step right in and take his spot. He is a perfect run stopping DE in the 3-4 scheme. He has great strength and good quickness than you would expect from someone his size. He will not be a sack machine, but in this defense, he will not have to be. He will occupy blockers and leave room for the OLB's to work. He does have questions about his work ethic and will need to continue to work on his laziness on the field.

    Who will they take… Tyson Jackson. I was already to make this Rey Maualuga, but with Igor gone, I think they will be looking for a replacement.

    17.    New York Jets-Needs QB,DB,WR

    Who would I take… Mark Sanchez. Is Kellen Clemens really the answer? Probably not and Sanchez would be great in the Big Apple. He would do well under Rex Ryan and the new offense the Jets will most likely run.

    Who will they take… Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia. With Thomas Jones turning 30, the ability to draft a feature back and make him the back of the future, while he shares carries with the back of the present. Moreno is similar to Jones in that he has great vision, running and cut back ability, but not break away straight line speed. He is definitely faster in pads and will be able to do well in a shared role for a year or two. Moreno does need to work on blitz pick up and people will be a little hesitant because he does lack speed.

    18.    Chicago Bears-Needs WR,OL,DE

    Who would I take… Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR Maryland. The Bears need a wide out to complement Devin Hester in the worst way. Heyward-Bay is just as fast as Hester, but he is a better overall WR. He needs to improve in route running and become more technically developed in order to take the next step to elite, but the tools are there and there are not better WR prospects in the draft.

    Who will they take… Max Unger, C/G Oregon. Unger is just what the Bears need on their o-line which is really getting into trouble on the inside. He has the ability to play any of the 3 inside positions and has great speed and quickness. Better than adequate strength and a good football IQ. It is not a sexy pick, but it is a smart, Chicago Bears like pick that will be able to walk in and start at multiple positions for years to come.

    19.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Needs LB,WR,DB

    Who would I take… Clint Sintim, OLB Virginia. This is what the Bucs will look for after their mass cuts they made. He will fit into Raheem Morris' new defensive schemes. Sintim is a prototypical outside linebacker, with more upside than Clay Matthews, but is not as consistent. He has a great motor and is sometimes a little too aggressive because of his great athletic ability. Good against the run and the pass, with the ability to be a blitzing linebacker off the edge also. Will play well under Morris.

    Who will they take… Darrius Heyward-Bay. While I think that Sintim would fit perfectly, with all the cuts made, I think they will look for a young wideout to help with the offense.

    20.    Detroit Lions

    Who would I take… Rey Maualuga, LB USC. With Maualuga still on the board, and the Lions needing help all over the place, I think that he would be the perfect fit to help this team recover from the debacle of last year. I almost went Josh Freeman, but I think Maualuga would warrant the pick with his ability to call the defense for years to come. Rey has great instincts and is strong at the point of attack. Reads and reacts very well, but sometimes his lack of speed can get him in trouble because he will try and compensate and that will put him out of position.

    Who will they take… Eben Britton, OT Arizona. With the Lions taking the franchise QB #1 overall, they will take the player to protect him for years to come. While there is talk that Britton is not athletic enough to play left tackle, I see him as a heady player, with great instincts that will always keep himself in position. Very tall and with room to add weight to help with his strength. Will continue to have questions about his ability to play the blindside, but I think he will answer those questions and more.



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Mock Draft V1.0 Part 1

This is my stab at a mock draft. Would love feedback especially on the format. I am going to do things a little different, I will give you my pick, which is basically my point of view of what I would do as GM of each team, then I will give who I think the actual pick will be. I will give a brief analysis of each player one time, then a brief analysis of how he fits with the team. So I hope you enjoy.

  1. Detroit Lions- Needs QB,OL, DB Who I would pick… Jason Smith, OT Baylor. Smith is a franchise type left tackle. He has a great frame, with room to grow and the ability to get a little thicker. He has great reach and is very quick due to having played tight end also. He is a little light, but will only get stronger as he gets into the NFL and that will also help his run blocking ability. As he matures I think he will become a more and more dominating left tackle. He will be a great fit with the Lions, and would be a corner stone of their offensive line for years to come.

Who will they take… Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia. Stafford has great potential with a big arm and good mobility. He makes bad decisions due to having such great arm and can lose his accuracy the more he tries to force things in. He is a little short, but he has a great presence in the pocket and is not afraid to stand in and take a hit. He has the ability to start right away, but his decision making and the lack of talent on the offensive line will get him into trouble, and he would best be served sitting for at least a year.

2. St. Louis Rams- Needs OL,CB,LB Who would I take… Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia. With Smith off of the board, and the glaring need at tackle, Monroe would be my pick. He has a great frame, and has tremendous quickness and lateral movement. Will very rarely get beat off the ball, but does lack a little strength at the point of attack and is not what you would call a prototypical run blocker, but he has the room to grow into that player. He will start immediately at right tackle, replacing the bust that is Alex Barron, and be the long term answer to Orlando Pace, whenever it is he retires.

Who will they take…Jason Smith. He is the best tackle product and will do the same thing for the Rams that Monroe can do, just with more potential.

3.Kansas City Chiefs- Needs DL,LB,OL

Who would I take… Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech. I know I will take some flack for this, but I will get to that. Crabtree is the best wide receiver prospect in the draft, and it is not close. He has great size, great hands, amazing body control and will outwork almost anyone on your team. He does lack that breakaway speed, but makes up for it in every other way. I feel like he and Dwayne Bowe, with the addition of Matt Cassel QB would make for an amazing offensive unit. They still have Larry Johnson and maybe a new regime will help him get back to the LJ of old.

Who will they take…Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forest. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pick, I would actually have no problem if they do this. Curry is your prototypical 3-4 hybrid, bug fast and strong. He is a little short, but that won't stop him from wreaking havoc on opposing teams offenses. He will start immediately for a team that had an NFL record low 10 sacks all year last year. Paired with last years first rounder, I think the Chiefs would be on the right track to having a good defense.

4.Seattle Seahawks- Needs RB,OL,DL

Who would I take… Chris Wells, RB Ohio State University. The Seahawks have not been the same team since Shaun Alexander was the MVP. They need another big running back to pair with Julius Jones and take the pressure off of Matt Hasselback. Crabtree is a possibility, but with the acquisition of TJ Houshmandzadeh, WR is not as pressing of a need in my eyes.

Who will they take… Eugene Monroe. Much like St. Louis, Seattle has an aging Hall of Famer at left tackle and will need to start preparing for the future and that is what this pick signifies. Monroe will start right away as Walter Jones recovers from micro-fracture surgery.

5.Cleveland Browns- Needs LB,DB,TE

Who would I take…Aaron Curry. This would be the ideal situation for the Browns. I don't forsee it happening, but he would fit well in the Browns 3-4 scheme and would really open up the defense for the rest of the team.

Who will they take… Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State University. The Browns are in desperate need of a corner also, and Jenkins is the most polished of the bunch. While he lacks elite speed, he makes up for it with fluid hips and heady play. He is physical when he needs to be and will most likely develop into a Chris Mcallister type cover corner.

6.Cincinnatti Bengals- Needs players that stay out of jail that play OL,DL,WR

Who would I take…Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri. This would be a huge help in the Bengals stagnant offense. With the loss of TJ Houshmandzadeh, WR is now a need for the Bengals. Maclin is very similar to Chad Johnson in build and deep play ability, but I don't think ocho-cinco will be around too much longer. Maclin has speed to spare, with good hands and game changing ability. He is abit slight in his build, but he is dynamic enough to make up for his lack of bulk.

Who will they take…Andre Smith, OT Alabama. This would be just like the Bengals, pick a guy with character issue, but tons of potential and then cross their fingers and hope it works out. Smith has a ton of potential, he is a massive human being with great strength and good quickness for his size. He lacks a consistent motor, but the Bengals seem to not care enough when they pick up players that it will not matter.

7.Oakland Raiders- Needs a new owner, also WR, OL, DL

Who would I take… Brian Orakpo, DE Texas. This is a huge need for the Raiders, they need help along the defensive line and Orakpo would bring that in spades. He is an exceptional athlete, with tremendous speed and strength. The only knock on him has been his inconsistencies, meaning he doesn't always seem to be going at full speed. I think he would fit great in the Raiders defense.

Who will they take…Michael Crabtree. This is just to much for Al Davis to pass up. And that will be 4 of his last 6 draft picks in the top 10 on the offensive side of the ball. Improvement needs to be shown, and quick.

8.Jacksonville Jaguars- Needs OL,DB, WR

Who would I take… Malcolm Jenkins. He would fit perfectly with Rasheen Mathis, and make passing the ball against this team very difficult.

Who will they take… Jeremy Maclin. With 3 of the 4 best OT's gone, and the glaring need at WR, I think this is just to much for them to pass up.

9.Green Bay Packers- Needs LB,DE,DB

Who would I take… Everette Brown, DE Florida State. With the Packers going to a 3-4 scheme, a hybrid linebacker like Brown would be perfect, and with Curry and Orakpo gone, he is the best left. Outstanding size, good quickness and strength at the point of attack and while he is a little short, but makes up for that with long arms and an outstanding work ethic.

Who will they take… Brian Orakpo. Fits what they need and what they are going to be doing. He would be a great compliment as a swing man in the 3-4 scheme.

10.San Francisco 49ers-Needs OL,LB,QB

Who would I take… Matthew Stafford. This would be ideal for both parties, an up and coming team with a need for a QB of the future. They lack some of the skill players at WR now, but he will be able to sit and learn and they will be able to bring those people in over time.

Who will they take… Mark Sanchez, QB USC. He is 1B in the QB rankings to me. Does not have the arm strength that Stafford has, but matches him in every other aspect. He is smart, a proven leader with great intangibles. Injuries will be a concern, but he is also a tough kid who has a lot to prove.


That is the top 10. I will be working on 11-20, then 21-32. I hope to get some feed back on both what I would do and what I think would happen. Hopefully you enjoy.



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