Posted on: February 10, 2009 1:15 am


So he is a cheater... too. Although you wouldn't know it by the way Alex Rodriguez is being burnt at the stake. All the analyst care about is the fact that the savior of baseball cheated the system and he needs to be redefined now, almost reclassified as just another player. Never mind that he states that he did not take roids ' prior to receiving the richest contract in MLB history, or that he was not as much of a home run hitter before hand. So what we have is a man that was signed to one of the greatest contracts in the history of sports and felt pressure, rightfully so, to perform up to that contract and cheated. He was caught, and now is facing mass persecution from all angles. A couple of questions for you:

1) What would you have done at the time, not only as Alex Rodriguez, but any fledgling major leaguer trying to get a newer and shinier contract? Would you not do anything possible to provide for your family? Would you not do anything possible in order to continue to pursue/live your dream? I as a former athlete know that I wouldn't have, but I also can only say that knowing that I never played for any money, and never made a living doing it. But, if I could guarantee myself that I would make enough money that I would never have to work a day in my life and provide for my family, I would seriously think about it.

2) Why is Alex Rodriguez the only name that is coming out in all of this? Why is only the best name coming out? Why can't we get the other 103 cheaters on the list? I'll tell you why, because the media doesn't care about the other names yet. What will happen is simple, as the fury around Rodriguez cheating dies down another big name will come out. The only question really to ask is, who's next?

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