Posted on: January 24, 2010 8:12 pm

Amare's Time in The Sun Needs to Be Done

I am a big Amare Stoudemire fan. 

I love the ability he possesses, even if he has lost some of the explosiveness.  I love the fact that he continues to develop as a post player, expanding his range from the floor.

Heck, he even seems to be making an effort to become a better rebounder.

Now for the reality. 

He is not a max deal player.  He will not be worth the $18-20 million a year he will be looking for.

He is still lazy on defense, and even though he is making strides, he still gets out done on the glass by people smaller and with less strength and quickness than him.

He is not a center piece of a championship team.

He needs to realize he needs to be the Robin to someone's Batman.

So what do the Suns do, and what are some of the options out there?  Glad you asked.

The one that I am most intrigued with is the whispers coming out of Houston.

Apparently the Rockets are interested in Amare and would be willing to make a deal centering around Shane Battier and Carl Landry.

Those players alone would not be enough to get Amare, not because of the talent, but because the salaries would not match up.

So the Rockets would have to include someone like a Luis Scola.  Would the Rockets really want to give up two post players and one of the best individual defenders in the NBA for an All-Star and great offensive player, but someone who will not give you 100% on the defensive end and the boards every night?

Also, I am sure the Suns would like to get Jason Richardson's contract off the books.  The way the Suns trainers seem to provide NBA players with a fountain of youth, would the Suns make and offer for Tracy McGrady?

Something along the lines of McGrady, Landry and Battier for Stoudemire and Richardson?

I am not sure of the market out there, but apparently the Bulls, Nets, and Heat are also interested in the services of Amare. 

Hopefully the Suns are able to get something for Amare, because I do not see him in a Suns uniform next year and I I don't see the Suns as a championship contender with Amare Stoudemire as the centerpiece of this franchise.

Any way you slice it, Amare Stoudemire should be in another uniform come February, and the Suns franchise will be better for it.
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Posted on: February 19, 2009 1:19 am

Planet Orange Still Not Aligned

So there have been two blow outs in two nights since the All-Star break. Of course they were against the LA Clippers, and quite frankly I believe that some college teams could have beat the Clippers the last two nights. 140 points in a regulation game, are you kidding me? Wait, wait lets give up 142 tonight, the second night of a back to back against the oldest starting lineup in the league. So maybe just maybe the offensive game is back, but then again it was the Clippers.

What really needs to be addressed is this idea that the Suns can put a run together and maybe become a force in the playoffs. I am one of the biggest Suns fans you will ever meet, but unfortunately I am also a realist that has been down this road many times before. There are still the issues of the defense, especially on the perimeter (by the way, has Baron Davis become Papa Smurf, I swear he has put on at least 25 lbs. since last year and the beard needs a trim). There is still the issues of turnovers, you cannot commit 22 against an opponent, I don't care how pitiful they are.

Is there signs of a turn around, maybe, but we won't know for sure until Sunday when they go head to head with the best team in the NBA (sorry Lakers but they are still the champs and until someone unseats them that is my opinion) and that will still only give us a small sample of what is happening. The Suns have the 5th hardest remaining schedule in the West, and need to make up a lot of ground in order to become a viable playoff contender.

So the end of the season is going to be an exciting time for Suns fans, and most assuredly different than the last 4 years being more of the underachiever/underdog than before. Let us hope Planet Orange does not combust and we are left with only dust.

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 1:29 am
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Get out of town Amare

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The future, the franchise, and the foundation of the franchise has got to go. Not because of anything performance wise, while he is slightly down in all major categories, it is because Amare has developed into Shawn Marion 2.0, only he is not as quiet about it. Amare has become a cancer in the locker room and is not shy about it. His comments about not being a captain shows that he is still immature and quite frankly a little petty. Amare has gone from untouchable commodity, to someone who you may not even get fair value for. The idea that Kevin Garnett could be on the Suns, with Steve Nash and Shawn Marion, but they did not want to give up Amare kills me. While this was obviously only speculation and conjecture on the part of the Wolves even being interested, but the idea was great.

What happens next, who are the suitable trade partners, what can the Suns possibly get to make up for giving up the person who was supposed to be the franchise. Well, that is not for me or you to decide, but hopefully Steve Kerr can get this one right, and get this franchise back on track.

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